About Us

We are sister's, best friends, mother's and now business partners.  We live five minutes from each other and speak daily.  Myself, Stephanie have three beautiful children.  Hunter, Nash and Grace.  I've always loved pushing the limits in my own style and have loved doing the same with my kids.  Elisa is a seasoned veteran when it comes to the small business world as she owns her own cold pressed juicing company called Juice Because.  It has grown over the last couple of years into one of the top shops here in Calgary.  We are so lucky to have her expertise.  Elisa was blessed with her daughter Emilia in November 2016 and together we couldn't resist Culla Clothing.

I guess you could say we come by this new adventure honestly from our mother who in all her glory would make us matching rompers and dresses from the famous Laura Ashley patterns in fabrics that oddly resembled our living room curtains.  She still to this day claims that was the style, but I'm sensing some Sound of Music replay here.

We look  forward to designing more creations and accessories for you and we just hope that you enjoy them as much as we love designing them.